At INPYN we'd be nothing without our amazing clients.  Fortunately, many of our clients have had great experiences and are willing to share them with us.  

Connecting with Elizabeth Inpyn has been one of the best things to happen to me, both as an athlete and personally.  Her guidance with food and nutrition has been life-changing.  Her recipes are unique yet tasty, and having the menus already planned out has allowed me to avoid the stress of not knowing what to cook and eat before, during and after training.  The motivation and inspiration Elizabeth also provides is just an extra benefit that I find priceless.

-Angela Smith, Velocity Sportswear

I firmly believe in surrounding myself with others who inspire me, push me, educate me and help me toward my journey of the best version of myself.  Whether physical, professional or spiritual.

Nutrition plays such an important role in our everyday lives & fueling for these crazy feats of endurance that I love can be taxing/overwhelming.  Heck, it's all overwhelming.  

I'm so honored to have Elizabeth Inpyn & Alex Collins as friends/mentors/teachers/guides.  If you're sick of relying on "google" and the ever changing position of 'nutritional guidance'...then TIME TO TRUST THE EXPERTS.

-Woody Brown, Prima Tappa Triathlon, IM Boulder finisher

Where  do I start....I guess from the beginning. I found Elizabeth through her AMAZING and INSPIRING Instagram page just before the St. George 70.3 half Ironman in May 2014.  After that triathlon (which was my first race post baby #4), i knew I wanted to focus more on my nutrition and training, getting ready for Vineman 140.6, which was just a few months later. 

I loved how she called me and asked about my eating habits as well as my family's, my health history, my training schedule and even requested labs from my doctor. Right away, I knew that she cared about creating a nutritional plan that was right for me, my goals, and something that fit in with my lifestyle and crazy mom schedule.

The next few months were amazing and she even helped me mentally get through an injury and some emotional roadblocks. 

She was always there and still is.... I was fortunate enough to meet her the day of Vineman. That race was insane...it was really hot and windy and conditions were not ideal for many racers....but I fought, stuck to my nutrition and was one of the fortunate ones to finish strong. Elizabeth knew how to prepare me for that day, even with all the unforseen weather complications. That day I raced with other seasoned 140.6 racers who were not as equipped as I was and suffered from dehydration and severe muscle cramps... not me!

I will always be grateful for Elizabeth. She has not only been the most amazing nutrition coach, but she is now a lifelong friend. 

-Leanna Glazier Hunt

I woke up one morning and decided to change my life. I'd found cycling and a group of athletes to train with and the missing piece was nutrition. Elizabeth taught me what it meant to be healthy, to appreciate good food and treat myself every once in awhile. She diligently planned out my meals, the meals for my sons (single dad) and all of my training and racing fueling. I even hired her to get my company kitchen in order and bring in all healthy food. She's serious about my long term helath but somehow I still get to eat Peanut M&M's every now then too.

-Markus Duffin

Lisa Juliet.png

Elizabeth is my go-to nutritionist for all of our health and fitness clients. She does virtual consultations and spends time getting to know each person before building a nutrition strategy. People truly love her... and so do we. 


-Lisa Juliet



Elizabeth took my crazy life and horrible eating habits and turned me into a health nut.  My finance job is stressful and I travel 6 months out of the year.  She revised my plan, was on the phone with me at odd hours helping with food choices, she even called ahead to my hotels and had healthy snacks stocked in my room and a week of special room service meals delivered daily.  Talk about going above and beyond-she's first class the whole way.  

-Andy Berman