Investment:  $249.00/month
What the plan includes:  

  • 4 week standard meal plan, 5 days/week, includes 3 meals/1-2 snacks per day. Plan is sent to clients each month.
  • Subscription to monthly newsletter.
  • Email access to Coach Inpyn.
  • Options to choose from include: Endurance athlete, strength athlete, weight loss goal, or medical condition.
  • Options are customized for males or females.
  • Plans are customized weekly based upon training needs, schedule and dietary restrictions.  
  • Recipes for each week's meal plan.
  • Initial 60-minute consultation call to establish goals ($75 value). 
  • Additional 30-minute call, per month, to discuss the program and your progress, available upon request.  

Investment:  $349.00/Plan*
What the RDNP includes: 

  • A variety of tests and exercises, leading up to the "A" race (or race of choice), designed to get the ultimate RDNP™, tailored for each individual client.  
  • Results will include an hour-by-hour analysis of how to fuel during the race.  
  • Coach Inpyn will conduct a post-race analysis to gauge success and athlete responsiveness.  
  • NOTE:  90-day lead time before desired race is strongly recommended for best potential results.  
  • NOTE*: $199.00 for ongoing advanced clients, $349.00 for non-nutrition plan clients.  
Run Front Beach Focus.JPG

Investment:  $150.00/consult
What the consultation includes:

  • One initial 60-minute phone consultation with Coach Inpyn.  
  • One follow-up 60-minute phone consultation with Coach Inpyn.
  • Can be open-ended to include any general health topics of concern, including a Q&A.
  • Questions can be emailed prior to the consultation for more detailed responses during the call.    
  • Previous topics have included:  How to shop smart, how to improve eating choices, what to do when traveling for work, how to make smart choices while on vacation.  

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