People are always asking us, "hey, what do you recommend I try for..." and well, you can fill in the blanks.  It could be swim goggles, it could be bike saddles, it could be running socks.  

If someone is a sponsor of ours, we'll tell you that by listing them below in the SPONSORS & PARTNERS section.  If someone sent us free samples, we'll tell you that too. We believe in being transparent and we'll give you our honest opinion.  

Also, from time to time, we come across products that we LOVE.  If we love something enough, we'll feature it right here on our page.  Those will be listed under OUR FAVORITES.  That means we are paying our own, hard-earned money for these products, just like you.   

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BECOME a sponsor or partner

At INPYNwe're always open to trying new products.  Ideally, we're open to trying products related to the world of triathlon, nutrition and fueling, and/or rest and recovery.  If you're interested in sending us samples, let us know by filling out the form below.  We'd be happy to test out your products and give them an honest assessment (readers:  Just because people send us samples, doesn't mean we won't tell the truth).

If you're interested in sponsoring us through product donations and contributions, or in another manner, please let us know.   

We look forward to hearing from everyone, and welcome to the family!

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