Jackfruit. What the heck is that?

A featured ingredient in my latest post over at Ironman.com is jackfruit.  Often lumped in with the 'tropical fruit' family, jackfruit is a flavorful summer treat.  The outer surface looks like a thorny green pear but the flesh inside is yellow.  Jackfruits are a nutritional bonanza:  High in potassium, protein and Vitamin-B, jackfruit is one of the rare fruits that offer a high dose of the complete B-Complex vitamins.  At about 95 calories for a 1/2 cup, they pack quite the nutritional punch.

Trust me when I say it tastes better than it smells.  The taste can be described as a 'mellow mango,' a little peachy and a little pear-like.  The texture is between a chunky applesauce and an overripe banana.  Vegans often use canned jackfruit as a meat alternative due to its thick texture and ability to absorb flavors.  My favorite way to use jackfruit is in a vegan taco.

This recipe from Vega is quick and easy to prepare and makes a great weeknight dinner: